USA: President’s Island Dredging Plan Moves Forward

President's Island Dredging Plan Moves Forward

The Army Corps of Engineers, Memphis District has a requirement for the lease of one Cutterhead Hydraulic Pipeline Dredge, fully operated with attendant plant for dredging material from the Mississippi River and placing the material in two sites along and landward of the top bank of the Mississippi River, at President’s Island Dredge Fill, TN Mile 732L AHP, Shelby County, TN.

The work will consist of removing material from the Mississippi River borrow location as shown on attached plans and satisfactorily placing of the dredged material in the overbank site at the location denoted on plans.

The Contractor shall use normal caution in pipeline operations when discharging in the dredge fill area to prevent washing and failure of existing stone structures, and shall maintain a watch on the spillway/stone notch and keep the spillway/stone notch free of debris.

Furthermore, the contractor shall monitor flow over the stone notch to minimize scour and/or degradation of existing structure. If scour and/or degradation does occur during operations, the contractor shall re-grade to original condition and may be required to bring in additional stone if warranted from damage to the existing stone notch during dredging operations.

The materials to be dredged may consist of gravel, sand, silt, mud, or clay.

This estimated cost of the proposed work is between $5,000,000.00 to $10,000,000.00. Solicitation will be issued on/about April 1, 2013 and bid opening date will be on/about May 2, 2013.

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Source:, March 11, 2013