New Zealand: Port Otago Introduces Future Dredging Plans

Port Otago Introduces Future Dredging Plans

A statement presented by the Directors of Port Otago Limited in accordance with the requirements of Section 9 of the Port Companies Act 1988, reflects the intentions of Port Otago Limited, its subsidiaries and associates (“the Group”) for the three years of the Company’s operations from July 2012 to June 2015.

Year ending June 2013

Port Otago – port operations

1. Actively review activities to focus on customer service and optimum utilisation of staff and resources to meet the demands of changing trade patterns. Review pricing to ensure service charges provide an appropriate return on the port infrastructure.

2. Consider and evaluate trends in container trade growth and the world-wide move to larger vessel sizes. Identify the improvements to port infrastructure and the changes to port operations needed in order to efficiently handle higher volumes of trade through the port.

3. Actively seek shipping and port related business development opportunities. Continue to evaluate opportunities to expand the Group’s warehousing, transport and logistics services.

4. Actively promote a positive and safe working environment for staff through a team focus, providing opportunities for career advancement and emphasising safety in all activities. Seek continuous improvement in health and safety performance.

5. Continue the Environment Court process, specifically in regards the AO disposal site consent and to complete the suite of resource consents required for the channel deepening project.

6. Follow the RMA process for the renewal of the maintenance dredging disposal consents.

7. Complete the oil wharf facility upgrade in Dunedin in order to improve the life of the facility,

8. Complete the towage review and commence project work in accordance with the outcomes.

9. Complete the replacement of the container crane rail on the main container berth.

10. Continue the progressive refurbishment of the slipway facility to provide further life and improved environmental management.

11. Continue with the redevelopment of the South Freight container depot at Strathallan Street, Dunedin.

12. Commence development and remediation of the contaminated Sawyers Bay site followed by the first stage of a storage and distribution hub close to the port.

13. Continue the property acoustic treatment programme in accordance with the Dunedin City District Plan Port Noise specific rule and the Port Noise Management/Mitigation plans. Actively progress acoustic treatment applications for properties situated within the blue and yellow noise zones (55 dBA to 65 dBA contours). Continue to measure and monitor noise and implement, where possible, new initiatives to minimise the effect of port noise on the community.

14. Work constructively with the community through the Port Environment/Liaison Committee by continuing to update and implement the Port Environment Plans. Maintain the landscaped areas at Flagstaff Hill, Back Beach and Boiler Point.

15. Continue the ongoing programme of identifying business and environmental risks faced by the Group and review the effectiveness of policies and procedures in place to minimise and manage the risk.

16. Continuation of dredging in the harbour to facilitate safe access of ships to berths.

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Press Release, March 14, 2013

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