Norway: DeepOcean Charters Havila Phoenix

DeepOcean Charters Havila Phoenix

DeepOcean UK, Ltd, a subsidiary of DeepOcean Group Holding BV, today announced that the Company has entered into a long term charter of the Havila Phoenix.

The vessel, equipped with 250 Tonne Crane, will be lengthened by 15 metres prior to delivery in Q1 2014 to 125m length by 23m beam. Two state of the art trenching machines will be installed on the vessel to create the Ultimate Trenching Spread.

An advanced, 3200 Horse Power, track based machine, equipped with a high sea state handling system, will be at the heart of the new vessel. This vehicle will be capable of working in a combination of mechanical cutting and jetting modes, offering a step change in burial capability for all sectors of the subsea energy industry.

The vessel will also be fitted with a high power, neutrally buoyant ROV jet trenching system, 2000 Tonne capacity carousel and two DeepOcean owned and operated ROVs.

DeepOcean UK’s Managing Director Tony Inglis said, “We are delighted to be chartering this high specification vessel from Havila. The trenching systems on board will offer unparalleled performance to our customers in the oil and gas and renewable markets. This announcement heralds the return of DeepOcean as the world’s leading seabed intervention contractor.”


Press Release, March 18, 2013