Halosource Gets GULD Approval for HaloKlear DPS (USA)

Halosource Gets GULD Approval for HaloKlear DPS

Halosource, Inc, the clean water technology company that develops and manufactures HaloKlear water clarification products for the construction, mining and dredging industries, has announced the Washington Department of Ecology’s General Use Level Designation (GULD) for its HaloKlear Dual Polymer System (DPS).

HaloKlear DPS uses all-natural, biodegradable polymers that perform on a wide array of soil types and pH ranges. In contrast to other products on the market, the Dual Polymer System creates dense flocs with great sheer strength and a low water content that settle very quickly. Solids can be efficiently removed from the water column – increasing performance and productivity while keeping costs low. In addition, HaloKlear DPS is extremely flexible with a successful track record in active, passive, and semi-passive deployment.

The Washington Department of Ecology (DOE) is recognized as having one of the nation’s most stringent testing standards for product approval and influences regulation changes in other key states, including California and Oregon. Prior to approval, the HaloKlear DPS underwent extensive toxicity testing and site performance reviews. In granting GULD approval, the DOE recognized HaloKlear DPS as a safe, effective and cost efficient solution to clear turbid water in construction, mining, and industrial applications.

This approval will now allow engineers to easily specify the use of HaloKlear DPS into their water treatment processes whether on construction, dredging or mining operations. The approval also makes it easy for on-site construction and project managers to deploy the Dual Polymer System when turbidity levels are not being met prior to discharging into the environment.

Sean Flynn , Business Director of HaloKlear commented, “Receiving DOE’s General Use Level Designation validates all the hard work our scientists have put into the development of this product. Our customers have been successfully using the product in the field for several years outside of Washington. HaloKlear DPS has a proven track record of success in countries such as Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, New Zealand and Panama as well as throughout the US, including the Carolinas, Florida, Maryland, Minnesota, New York and other states where stormwater discharge is strictly regulated. Now Washington can benefit from our high performance, green innovation that will improve water treatment throughout the Northwest.

Art Cote , the founder and President of Stormtec Filtration, Inc. and long time user of HaloKlear products, said, “The Dual Polymer System has been a game changer in British Colombia and I have no doubt that it will be a game changer in Washington. It works quickly and consistently. With HaloKlear products, my systems need less monitoring so I can take on more projects and continue to grow my revenue.”


Press Release, March 19, 2013