Scott Highlights USD 26 Million Investment in Port of Palm Beach (USA)

Scott Highlights USD 26 Million Investment in Port of Palm Beach

Yesterday, Governor Rick Scott visited the Port of Palm Beach where he highlighted $26 million of state and local investments in the port development program.

The $20.4 million state investment was matched with $6.3 million locally to add freight capacity. Governor Scott also highlighted the relationship between Florida’s manufacturing industry and Florida’s Port System. Florida ranks first in manufactured exports as a percentage of the state’s total exports at around 85-90% of all the state’s exports. The investment will help the Port of Palm Beach remain strong and able to help support jobs for Florida families. Construction began last February and is expected to be completed in the fall of 2014.

Governor Scott said, “In the last two years, Florida has created over 280,000 jobs and our unemployment rate is below the national average for the first time in five years. The decisions we have made over the last two years are working. We must continue to move Florida’s economy in the right direction. That is why we are making targeted investments like today’s announcement at the Port of Palm Beach. We are also working to remove barriers from manufacturing companies to hire more Florida families by eliminating the sales tax on the purchase of new manufacturing equipment.”

Florida Department of Transportation Secretary Ananth Prasad said, “Governor Scott’s investments in the Port of Palm Beach and the rest of Florida’s ports will create long-lasting economic opportunities for our state. These investments, along with improving access to our ports, will make it more attractive for manufacturers and distributors to invest in Florida, grow our state’s imports and exports, and improve our state’s economy.”

Manuel Almira, Executive Director, Port of Palm Beach, said, “We are deeply honored by Governor Scott’s visit to the Port of Palm Beach as part of his commitment to the ports in the State of Florida. We hope this will be the first of many visits in the years to come our Port continues to improve its infrastructure and expands to meet the needs of our current and future tenants.


Press Release, March 22, 2013