USA: Monitoring Equipment to Be Placed on Storm Lake

Monitoring Equipment Placed on Storm Lake

Iowa State University will place monitoring equipment in Storm Lake to collect information on how wind and lake depth impact resuspension of lake bottom sediment as part of an ongoing water quality study.

The equipment will be below the water surface and marked by hazard buoys at three locations. Officials are asking the public to not disturb the buoys.

The Storm Lake Dredging Program continues to increase depth of the lake in areas prone to resuspend sediment, which is a primary water quality impairment at Storm Lake. The ISU study suggests that dredging has reduced sediment disturbance by 25 percent from pre-dredging conditions.

The research will last through 2013 to ensure that the dredge operations are as efficient and effective as possible. Information gathered will be used to increase the success of the restoration efforts and help improve the water clarity of the lake. The study is being conducted in cooperation with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

In addition, the dredge will be placed in operation May 1. Boaters need to ensure that they remain at least 100 feet away from pipe, buoys, and the dredge itself.

The partnership efforts of the DNR, Lake Preservation Association, Lake Improvement Committee, Buena Vista County, and cities of Storm Lake and Lakeside continue to improve Storm Lake’s water quality.


Press Release, April 22, 2013; Image: stormlake