Council: Seawall Repairs for Miami (Australia)

Seawall Repairs for Miami

A 30-year-old section of the city’s boulder sea wall at Thorn Park, Marine Parade, Miami, is to be replaced over the coming months.

Work has started on stage two of a project, north from Santa Monica Road, to protect a section of coastline along Marine Parade.

Engineering Services Chair, Councillor Daphne McDonald said inspections along the old wall showed it was deteriorating at this point.

“The project, estimated to cost $950,000, will replace a section of the seawall approximately 15 metres wide and five metres high, requiring extensive excavation of sand,” she said.

“The area has been fenced and I remind residents to stay safe around the work site by observing signage and any directions issued by the contractors who will be using heavy equipment.”

The construction is an extension of works completed approximately more than a year ago.

On completion, the boulder wall, which acts as foreshore protection, limiting beach erosion, will be buried under the dune where vegetation is to be reinstated.

Council prioritises funding annually to upgrade and maintain the boulder walls along the foreshore.


Press Release, April 30, 2013