USA: Enyart Discusses Mississippi River Issues with Students

Enyart Discusses Mississippi River Issues with Students

Congressman Bill Enyart met with students at Shawnee High School in Wolf Lake this week to listen to their concerns about Mississippi River issues near their homes.

Congressman Enyart spoke to juniors and seniors in the government and history classes instructed by Jamie Nash-Mayberry. Her classes have spent three years investigating river levels, flooding, levees and wing dams along the Mississippi in Jackson, Union and Alexander counties.

Congressman Enyart spent over an hour with approximately 60 students and answered questions from students concerning the Army Corps of Engineers’ activities, federal flood insurance changes and other topics. He also related his experience dealing with flood control as Adjutant General of the Illinois National Guard.

Congressman Enyart encouraged students to remain active in understanding the river control issues in their home area, and continue to speak out to local, state and federal policy makers on issues important to them.


Press Release, May 2, 2013