Slovakia: Boskalis Officials Visit Prolake

Boskalis Officials Visit Prolake

Messrs. W.Sjoerd Piek and Frank Taverne of Boskalis International B.V. Papendrecht, visited Prolake s.r.o. Banská Bystrica, member of Progroupe on May 2nd 2013, at its facility for riverbed sediments processing operated at Gabčíkovo Water Dam, water reservoir Hrušov.

The experts from the Netherlands were presented dewatering technology, continuous measurement of results and monitoring of sediments volume within the area of operation, including graphical, information and archiving system Prolake is with its technology.

Host organisation emphasised its experience in processing and dewatering of fine clay sediments transported by the Danube River; sludge suction dredger is used for sludge abstraction and transport to the processing facility, with output of app. 200 m3 per hour.

During the presentation it was stated that the technology could be utilised also within projects implemented in the Benelux countries, in particular where recovery of fine sediments is required with limited space for building large capacity dewatering lagoons.

Prolake was awarded the contract for dredging and processing of river bed sediments from Gabčíkovo Water Dam – water reservoir Hrušov, being a part of the Danube River; phase III is implemented in 2013. In total, 220,000m3 of sediments were processed since November 2001.


Press Release, May 9, 2013