UK: Flood Work Improvements Begin on Parrett and Sowy Defences

Flood Work Improvements Begin on Parrett and Sowy Defences

Construction work will begin this week on improvements to the 4.2 kilometres of the flood defences on the River Parrett between Willow Bridge near Stathe and Monks Leaze Clyse, near Combe.

The works will involve raising sections of the right bank of the River Parrett between Allermoor Spillway and Beazley’s Spillway by up to 200mm in some places. This will provide a consistent profile and help to prevent ‘scouring’ of localised low spots which could otherwise lead to failure of the flood bank.

Works will also be carried out to lower the 550m long Allermoor Spillway by 200mm to re-establish its original design level, and to widen the right bank of the River Parrett in two locations where erosion has occurred.

It will also include improvements to Weir Bridge Rhyne Tilting Weir and the repair of a number of ‘scour’ holes on the back face of the right bank of the River Parrett, along the section on which bank raising will be carried out.

We have also been reassessing the left bank levels on the Wick Moor and Oath side and have recently collected additional survey data at a number of points along the left bank,’ said Andrea Summers for the Environment Agency.

‘If necessary, and where practical, any low spots on the left bank will also be raised or strengthened as a part of this project to ensure that the existing status quo of preferential flow over the right bank spillways is maintained. This will ensure that flood risk to left bank residents is not increased.’

These works are being funded by Local Levy and will avoid costly major maintenance of the banks in future years. Works are planned to start this week and should be completed by the end of the summer, weather permitting.


Press Release, June 6, 2013: Image: thisissomerset