Venezuela: Puerto Cabello Terminal Scheme Passes Review

Puerto Cabello Terminal Scheme Passes Review

The foundation design scheme for New Container Terminal in Puerto Cabello, Venezuela, smoothly passed the review, showing the scientific and rigorous design management level of CHEC, which strongly promoted the implementation of the project.

On May 6, the client formally approved the two major design changes of “selecting large cylinder structural style for breakwater” and “layout plan for port land area after the red line is adjusted” put forward by the project department. Then, the project management submitted the basic design documents, proceeded actively with technical communication and exchange and made preparation for the review of basic design.

On May 20, the review meeting about the basic design for this project was formally held, which originally would take four days but successfully completed in two days. The basic design provided by CHEC smoothly passed the review by the client and the engineer and was highly praised.

In addition, at the meeting, it was also decided that the client representative would make a project investigation in China recently to further learn the technical strength and construction capabilities of the Company and promote the examination and approval about the final pricing and implementation scheme for Cabello project.


Press Release, June 28, 2013