Philippines: Balili River System Revitalization Includes Dredging

Balili River System Revitalization Includes Dredging

The local government units of La Trinidad and Baguo City are scouting for adopters of the Balili River System for its sustained revitalization and rehabilitation.

Recently designated as Water Quality Management Area (WQMA) by the Environment and Management Bureau of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, the river system is targeted to regain its original classification as Class A as it has deteriorated over the years due to increasing population and human activities.

The Balili River system has its upstream or headwaters in Baguio called the Sagudin River, its midstream in La Trinidad and downstream in Sablan.

The Sagudin River covers a stretch of 17.7 kilometers including its tributaries, according to WAMD Chief Moises Lozano. To date, a total span of 8.1 kilometer riverways including tributaries were adopted among barangays, civic groups and other partners.

Revitalizing the river system aside from periodic clean up activities, are current initiatives being undertaken by both LGUs apart from those undertaken by the Balili River System Revitalization Coalition composed of members from the various sectors.

The Salaknib ti Waig (Guardians of River) Program that involves clean up drives, water monitoring, dialogues, and data gathering, is in partnership with the barangays and other stakeholders.

For La Trinidad, Daodao said among the initiatives of the local government are the Adopt an Estero Program, installation of permanent signages for adopters, and dredging and declogging along the Bolo Creek.

For this year, among the planned activities include the establishment of signages of along Balili River including WQMA program components, workshop and action planning, localization of the Clean Water Act, enforcement of building code, and establishment of mini-parks.


Press Release, July 3, 2013