Congressman Urges Coastal Restoration Projects (USA)

Boustany Louisiana Loses its Wetlands at Alarming Rate (USA)

Congressman Charles W. Boustany, Jr., M.D., (R-South Louisiana) issued the following statement after spending the day focusing on wetlands and coastal restoration projects in Vermilion Parish:

“South Louisiana prides itself on protecting its wetlands and ensuring coastal erosion issues are addressed. Last Monday, I visited officials throughout the Third Congressional District to discuss the importance of wetlands and coastal restoration. As a proponent of conservation and a leader on federal legislation, such as the Southwest Coastal Study and the RESTORE Act, I was eager to speak to local voices along the coast to hear what steps are being taken to protect the environment.

“Louisiana continues to lose its wetlands at an alarming rate. It is currently estimated that an area the size of a football field of wetlands is lost every hour in the Pelican State. Reviewing projects such as marsh creation, channel bank stabilization, and terracing is critical. Congress must ensure the best projects are being completed and maintained. These activities contribute immensely toward coastal protection and restoration in our community. I will continue advocating for legislation benefitting South Louisiana’s wetlands restoration and enhancing our communities’ protection from future disasters.”


Press Release, August 2, 2013