OSIL Supplies Dredge Monitoring System to Qatar

OSIL Supplies Dredge Monitoring System to Qatar

OSIL has supplied and installed a dredge monitoring system to the ambitious New Port Development Project Doha, Qatar.

This world class facility, consisting of a new port, naval base, economic zone and residential area is a leader in state of the art technology, crucial to Qatar’s economic infrastructure.

OSIL were asked to provide a particularly robust monitoring system able to survive the length of the entire project, whilst coping with the extremely difficult local conditions(extremes of temperature, high data rates, high vessel traffic etc).

To meet the demands of this project OSIL have provided a number of 1.2m OSIL Dredge Monitoring Buoys, equipped with multi parameter Hydrolab DS5X sondes. Several buoys have been fitted with NORTEK AWAC’s for the collection of current & tidal data. The buoy network is further complemented by a series of 0.7m OSIL Rapid Deployment Buoys fitted with turbidity sensors.


The small light weight buoys are easily moved from site to site and enable the dredging operations to be monitored as the vessels move around the development.

All buoys in the system connect via a bespoke VHF radio network which enables data to be downloaded at regular intervals, as well as allowing settings on the Buoys to be changed remotely.

The system allows for the continuous operation of dredging with ease of monitoring the environmental aspects of the project.

Becky Childs, OSIL project manager commented: ‘We are excited to be involved in this project as it confirms our expertise in this area and further increases our presence in the Middle East’.


Press Release, September 2, 2013