Dutch Port Infrastructure Tops WEF World Ranking

Dutch Port Infrastructure Tops WEF World Ranking

Just as in 2012, the Dutch port infrastructure leads the rankings of the World Economic Forum.

This was revealed in the investigation into the competitive position of national economies worldwide, published yesterday. The same investigation showed that the Netherlands dropped from the fifth position to the eighth overall.

Hans Smits, CEO of the Port of Rotterdam Authority, said: “The fact that the Netherlands has the best port infrastructure in the world is due to a large extent to our continued investment in the port of Rotterdam during the past years, for instance with Maasvlakte 2. We base these investments on a widely supported vision of the development we desire for the port: the Port Vision 2030. And we do that together with all the parties involved: municipality, ministries, the business sector and NGOs. A vision with broad support ensures clarity and confidence in the future. Businesses know what they can expect.

Investments in education, infrastructure and innovation contribute the most to economic growth in the long term.


Press Release, September 5, 2013