USA: HR Wallingford Wins Breakwater Optimisation Research Award

HR Wallingford Wins Breakwater Optimisation Research Award

HR Wallingford’s Michael Rustell was recently awarded “Best Student Paper” at the ASCE Ports 2013 conference in Seattle.

The paper, entitled “Breakwater length optimisation using a root-finding algorithm” offers a methodology for developing breakwater layout concepts by considering the berth downtime as a function of the breakwater length.

This allows a simple iterative root-finding algorithm to be used to find the length corresponding to the target level of downtime.

Image shows Michael Rustell (centre) receiving his award at ASCE Ports 2013.

Michael is currently working toward an Engineering Doctorate (EngD) with the University of Surrey and HR Wallingford.

This tool has been implemented as computer code and forms an important component of Michael’s research project entitled ‘Multi-objective optimisation of an LNG terminal under risk and uncertainty’.

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Press Release, September 18, 2013