The Netherlands: Van Heck Launches “Sea Trophy”

Van Heck Launches "Sea Trophy"

Van Heck is world renowned for its water management systems ideally suited to the maritime and dredging industries.

Van Heck now reveals its newest world premiere, a complete pump system that enables the controlled, contained, fast (fuel-) oil recovery after incorrect or ‘off-spec’ fueling and in the event of grounding or calamity at sea.

The pump, named ‘Sea Trophy’, ensures a fast, easy and well controlled solution for the removal of (fuel-) oil which will limit, or even eliminate any or all economic and environmental damages, not to mention the possible depredation of company image.

Van Heck’s Sea Trophy underlines the motto ‘intervene, but not interfere’ and greatly increases the ‘Preparedness’ for any unforeseen situations.


Press Release, September 26, 2013