Hachinohe Breakwater Project: Penta Ocean Uses Echoscopes (Japan)

Penta Ocean Uses Echoscopes

Coda Octopus Group, Inc. announced that it collaborated with Penta Ocean Construction Co. Limited by supplying a number of its Echoscope® for infrastructure projects in Japan and which has recently been the recipient of an excellence award for Land, Infrastructure and Technology Development by the Japan International Cooperation Center (JICE).

The award was presented by Japan’s Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Akihiro Ota, and was given for Penta Ocean’s construction management technology based on real-time underwater visualization using 4D sonar.

Penta Ocean used Coda Octopus Echoscopes® on the Hachinohe Port breakwater disaster recovery project. This type of work which involves the removal of heavy pieces of concrete is hazardous to divers. The award was made for contributions to safety as well as the operational efficiency gains from using the Echoscope®’s ability to visualize with high quality real time 3D sonar images the work being undertaken underwater in poor visibility conditions.

A spokesperson from Penta Ocean said: “We are delighted to have won this award. We have long seen that the Echoscope® allows us to do many things that just cannot be done with other sonars, so they give us significant efficiency gains on almost any job. The Echoscope® allows us to work safely with heavy equipment in zero visibility water because we can clearly see what is happening with good quality real time 3D images that anybody can use.”

Blair Cunningham, the President of Technology said: “We congratulate Penta Ocean on this award. This illustrates all of the benefits which our patented real time 3D sonar Echoscope® can bring for underwater construction projects. Penta Ocean has invested in our technology and it is good to see the Echoscope® and users of this technology getting recognized for the benefits of using innovative technology. This is reinforcement of the unique value add of the Echoscope®: it is a tool which can bring significant benefits to users. We experience many of our customers using Echoscopes® and gaining safety benefits and improved productivity by either reducing the need for divers to be involved in dangerous projects or making it safe for divers where heavy equipment or materials are being maneuvered underwater and the productivity benefits of being able to place or remove heavy items such as concrete blocks or mattresses more accurately and quicker in poor visibility conditions, thus eliminating downtime in these operations”.


Press Release, October 7, 2013