USA: Governor Jindal Highlights Funding for Vidalia Port

Governor Jindal Highlights Funding for Vidalia Port

Governor Bobby Jindal highlighted $5 million in capital outlay funding for projects in Concordia Parish, including a new slackwater port in Vidalia on the Mississippi River and a project that will help raise a levee near the river to reduce flooding.

Governor Jindal said: “We’re blessed to live along the Mississippi River, not only for its beauty, but because it is a major economic driver for Louisiana, the region, and the entire country. Ports along the Mississippi River help businesses speed up the flow of commerce across the country and in turn, create opportunities for our people up and down the river. The slackwater port will create a new access point for shipping vessels and will help support new jobs for the people of this area.

“We are also committing funding to help support a levee raising project here in Concordia Parish that will help protect farmers and their crops from flooding. I have traveled up here in years past during flood events and seen the damage that flooding can do, and this funding will help support a project that can prevent major damage to homes and crops.”

Vidalia Mayor Hyram Copeland said: “We’re grateful for the work that Governor Jindal and the legislators did to support us with this funding. We’re happy that Governor Jindal came to visit us today, and these projects are great news for our people here in Vidalia.”

Sen. Francis Thompson said: “I’m proud to highlight these projects with Governor Jindal and Rep. Anders. The levee raising will help our farmers protect their crops and the new port will support more great careers for people in this region.”

Rep. Andy Anders said: “These projects will grow our economy and help keep our people safe from floodwaters. These are very good investments for this area.”

Funding For Slackwater Port

In order to make money immediately available for construction to begin a new phase of the project, the state recently moved $4 million in capital outlay funds up from Priority 5 to Priority 1 to support the development of the Vidalia Slackwater Port on the Mississippi River.

The project includes a slack water slip, a loading pad, access road, ramps and new loading/unloading equipment for shipping. The project will enhance economic development in Concordia Parish and the surrounding parishes by providing transportation access to the Mississippi River for businesses.

Last year, the state committed $1 million to the project and there is also an additional $5 million in Priority 5 funding in capital outlay for a total state investment of $10 million. The project will be completed in three phases. A first phase was already completed, which created a portion of the access road up to the final port site. The money committed today will help finish the access road.


Press Release, November 1, 2013