HiSea Group Presents Double-Walled Dredge Pumps (China)

HiSea Group Presents Double-Walled Dredge Pumps

HiSea Group has introduced the double-walled dredge pumps. These pumps stand for quality and reliability, and because of the own design can offer the ideal dredge pump for every need and situation.

This range of dredge pumps is based on three dredge pump types: submerged low pressure, inboard medium pressure, and inboard high pressure.

The minimal amount of wear parts in these dredge pumps lead to low wear, long life and lower maintenance which translates into reduced downtime and significant cost savings.

To accomplish these goals for the wear parts only very high quality, wear-resistant, materials with a hardness above 60HRC are used.

The dredging pumps are specially developed for the dredging industry and tailored to the specific needs and requirements. All dredge pump designs comply with the client’s specific requirements:

1. 3, 4 or 5 blade impeller;

2. Low pressure, medium pressure, high pressure;

3. Water seal;

4. Sealing and flushing water pumps;

5. Wear-resistant material , hardness above 60HRc.

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Press Release, December 5, 2013