The Netherlands: MTI Holland Research Students Graduate with Honours

MTI Holland Research Students Graduate with Honours

MTI Holland has announced that three engineering students have graduated with honours in 2013 after completing the final research for their degrees at the company.

IHC Merwede’s dredging knowledge centre provides the opportunity for students to graduate, complete internships or gain work experience on an ongoing basis.

Frank Renting, Dredging and Offshore Engineering

On 20 December, Frank Renting graduated with honours and obtained a MSc degree in Dredging and Offshore Engineering. Prior to embarking on this course, Frank had finished his BSc in Mechanical Engineering and applied for a position with MTI Holland, having completed a period of student employment. Acknowledging his potential, MTI Holland then persuaded Frank to further develop his skills by entering a masters programme at the Delft University of Technology.

Having decided to take this route, he successfully concluded the course with a research project on the dynamic effects of pipeline installation operations. Now, the appeal of academia and the field of dynamics have propelled him towards a PhD position in the field of structural dynamics of wind turbine foundations.

Daniël Liefferink, Dredging and Offshore Engineering

In October 2013, another former student at MTI Holland, Daniël Liefferink, also graduated with honours and a MSc in Dredging and Offshore Engineering from the Delft University of Technology. Daniël enrolled in the MSc programme – at the Faculty of Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering – after gaining a BSc degree in Mechanical Engineering at the same university.

His thesis focused on the cutting forces needed to excavate clayey soil in arctic waters, which is an important topic for arctic trenching. This is a process in which subsea pipelines (in arctic regions) are buried in trenches to protect them from being damaged by gouging ice masses. As a start to his career, Daniël has opted to stay in the dredging industry and accepted a position as a project engineer with a major contractor.

Tom Wambeke, Resource Engineering

Back in March 2013, Tom Wambeke graduated with honours from the Delft University of Technology after obtaining a MSc in Resource Engineering. Tom’s thesis was titled, ‘Decision Making on the Ocean Floor: a Simulation Framework to Assess Uncertainty and Variability in Deep-sea Mining’.


Press Release, January 23, 2014