VIDEO: Nicaraguan Canal Construction Plan Announced

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Nicaraguan Canal Construction Plan Announced

HKND Group recently announced that it has engaged two leading global firms to provide specialized advice and expertise for the Nicaraguan Canal Construction Plan as the company continues its work on the technical feasibility study and route determination.

Representatives of the HKND technical feasibility assessment team are visiting a number of locations throughout the country as they consider the many technical elements necessary to determine the best route and the right approach to the canal project.

“We will fulfill our duties scrupulously, to perform our mission of developing the Nicaraguan and Central American regional economy and improving the future of maritime trade between west and east. All our actions will be guided by the principles of respecting sovereignty, protecting environment, benefiting people and spurring economy and undertaken in the spirit of openness, fairness, integrity and transparency,” stated Wang Jing, HKND Group, Chairman & CEO.


Dredging Today Staff, January 24, 2014

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