Council to Use Dredged Sediment in False River Restoration (USA)

Council to Use Dredged Sediment in False River Restoration

Governor Bobby Jindal yesterday highlighted a $2.7 million restoration project to restore fisheries and water quality in False River.

Governor Jindal said: “Growing up, we all loved making the short trip from Baton Rouge for the great ‘trophy’ bass fishing and skiing. Numerous record bass, catfish, and other fish have been pulled out of this lake over the years. However, many people that have been fishing here for decades will tell you that things have been changing. They will tell you that they are not catching as many fish and that the fish they do catch are smaller. The water quality in the lake has decreased and too much siltation is getting in here.”

The immediate priority of the False River Watershed Council is to construct a terrace for the South Flat. Part of the $2.7 million will be used to design and construct an estimated 16 acre island using over 100,000 cubic yards of dredged sediment. The construction of the island will help to solidify the dredged sediment and prevent resuspension of the silts that causes turbidity problems on False River.

The project is expected to create over 3,500 feet of shoreline habitat, increase water oxygen levels and improve water clarity.

Governor Jindal said this project is important to help reestablish aquatic vegetation and water oxygen levels. Construction is expected to start in the fall. Funding will also help address a future project to be developed by the watershed council to address siltation issues on the north flats on False River.


Press Release, January 31, 2014

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