Pumping Operation on Somerset Levels Continues (UK)

Pumping Operation on Somerset Levels Continues

Severe flood warnings are in place today for parts of the south west coast where high sea levels have combined with strong winds and large waves.

Today there is a high risk of coastal flooding in Dorset, Devon and of further river flooding on the Somerset Levels and Moors.

This week Environment Agency staff continue to be out in force 24/7 deploying demountable defences, repairing damaged coastal defences, deploying sandbags along riverbanks, clearing river blockages, monitoring water levels, and sending out flood warnings.

The pumping operation on the Somerset Levels continues around the clock, with up to 2.9 million tonnes of water being pumped off the Levels every day – the equivalent of three Wembley Stadiums.

John Curtin, head of incident management at the Environment Agency, said: “We’re preparing for successive bands of heavy rain forecast into the weekend, groundwater and river levels are already high following the wettest January on record for England.”


Press Release, February 6, 2014