Richard Smalley 363MkII Dredger Delivered to Broadway (UK)

Richard Smalley 363MkII Dredger Delivered to Broadway.

First customer for the latest Richard Smalley 363MkII amphibious dredger is Barry Westby Groundworks of Broadway, Worcs .

This updated design has a larger 63 kw ( 83.5 bhp) at 2,500 rpm water cooled diesel engine, lifting capacity increased by 20%, capable of loading a full 400 l bucket every time.

All controlled by electric servo press button controls either on the hand levers or the dashboard for precise control and operation other hydraulic equipment such as pile driving, chainsaw or mud pump. The hydraulic system has been improved to incorporate a more efficient cooling system to accommodate its ability for long hours of mud pumping.

The machine retains full 360° slew, amphibious capability to access rivers, ponds, canals and estuaries without the need for a crane.

This model features a removable cab leaving seat and hydraulic controls intact, essential to access those areas where work has always been restricted by low bridges or other obstacles. This removal is facilitated by a small demountable crane. Air draught with whole cab removed is 1,44 m approximately .

The dredger consists of a purposefully designed excavator with specialised geometry for the jib and dipper to offer an excellent reach and good dipper geometry designed to prevent the bucket from piercing the pontoon when digging close to the machine.

The pontoon is mounted on 3 pairs of 1.2 m diameter hollow wheels, and these provide flotation in the water and support the machine on land for movement between vehicle and embankment. This latest model builds on experience gained in New York Central Park, Mumbai, Colombo, Gt Ouse and Thames Rivers, Colombia and Florida.


Press Release, February 7, 2014