AMCS: Lend Lease Withdrawal Welcomed (Australia)

Lend Lease Withdrawal Welcomed

The Australian Marine Conservation Society has today welcomed the decision from Lend Lease to withdraw their involvement in any future port development at Abbot Point saying that most of the Australian public would welcome it.

Felicity Wishart, the campaign director, said that no one should be industrialising the Reef’s coast just 50 kms from the Whitsundays.

People from around the world are very worried about the world’s biggest coal port being built inside one of the world’s seven greatest natural wonders.

“Lend Lease have made the right decision. No company should want to be connected with damaging a World Heritage Area.

“Australians spoke up powerfully against the decisions of the Queensland and Australian governments to allow port expansion at Abbot Point.

“And Australians have lobbied Lend Lease, including attending their last AGM, to not develop in such a sensitive area.

“We are relieved that they have seen sense and decided to pull out.

“We call on all other companies considering participating in the biggest, fastest and most widespread industrialisation of the Reef’s coast to reconsider their plans.

“Today’s decision is an incredibly good sign for the Reef – but there’s still so much more to fight for,” said Ms Wishart.


Press Release, February 26, 2014