Astika Holdings Set to Complete Nantong Dredging Acquisition

Astika Holdings Set to Complete Nantong Dredging Acquisition.

Astika Holdings updates its shareholders on the progression of the previously announced Nantong Dredging acquisition.

Astika Holdings, Inc., is near completion in finalizing the terms of the acquisition and estimates the final terms of the acquisition to be announced to the shareholders by the end of this month.

Mark Richards, the director for Astika Holdings said: “We believe to be on track with Astika in agriculture as well by focusing on Nantong’s companies that lower associated costs, increase the yield and benefit Asia, New Zealand and the world markets. We are excited about the potential growth of this initial acquisition for Astika Holdings since China is the largest dredging market in the world with more than 29% of the $15bn total global dredging world market and look forward to accelerating our future acquisition plans.”

The Company has begun the process of integrating management and moving its headquarters to Grey Lynn, Auckland, New Zealand.


Astika Holdings to Begin Negotiations with Nantong Dredging


Press Release, March 13, 2014