France: EU to Improve Seine River Capacity

EU to Improve Seine River Capacity

With a grant of over €1.6 million from the TEN-T Program, the European Union will support a project to modernise the Seine River in France in order to improve the economic efficiency and competitiveness of inland navigation in the region.

The project, selected for funding under the 2012 TEN-T Annual Program, consists of modernisation works to five main locks located in Le Coudray, Vive-Eaux, La Cave, Varennes and Evry (currently not in operation), with the objective to increase their availability and reliability.

The works will consist of upgrading the different structural parts of the locks, such as their sluice chambers, aqueducts, hydraulic units and electrical cabinets, piers and control rooms.

As a result, the existing bottleneck in inland navigation of the Haute Seine will be overcome and its accessibility will be improved, which will boost intermodality and increase the competitiveness of inland waterways as a whole.


Press Release, April 3, 2014