Guadiana River Dredging Project Takes Another Hurdle

Guadiana River Dredging Project Takes Another Hurdle

Portuguese and Spanish authorities have entered into an agreement to dredge the Guadiana River making it navigable for larger ships, The Portugal News reports.

The Memorandum of Understanding will allow the Spanish side to dredge the Guadiana River, located on the Portuguese–Spanish border.

A series of interventions in the Guadiana River Basin, such as dam construction, increase in mining, deforestation, construction of jetties, have resulted in a reduction of average river volume and an increase of sediment load in the river which hampered the navigation of the river.

The dredged material from the Guadiana River could be placed into the nearshore or beach zones to enhance existing beaches.

The expected cost of the project is €1 million and will involve European funding, according to The Portugal resident website.

The Dredging project will boost the economic development and can also have a tourism surge as a result.

Dredging Today Staff, April 4, 2014