Sri Lanka: More Equipment Arrives at Hambantota Port

More Equipment Arrives at Hambantota Port

The Hambantota Port will receive two ships to shore cranes and they will be placed inside the port by the end of this month. 

“These ships to shore cranes are essential for the new ports like Hambantota, because those cranes have arms which are much longer than the gantry cranes,” said Parakarma Pillapitiya, the Business Development Consultant Ceyline Shipping.

He added that the Sri Lanka Government is in the process of negotiating with the Chinese Government to operate the Hambantota Port.

The construction of the Hambantota Port began in 2008, led by Chinese companies. The port is being constructed in three phases, and the first phase will allow three ships at a time to be moored and two jetties will be built.

Each jetty will be 310 m long and deep enough to berth large ships. The depth of the harbour will be 17 m.


Source:, April 16, 2014