EPA Evaluates Superfund Cleanups in Pennsylvania Communities (USA)

EPA Evaluates Superfund Cleanups in Pennsylvania Communities

The U. S. Environmental Protection Agency is reviewing site cleanups and remedies at the 16 Superfund Sites in Pennsylvania.

These routine check-ups, known as ‘five-year reviews,’ will be done at Superfund sites across the Mid-Atlantic region this year.

EPA conducts evaluations every five years to determine if the remedies at each site continue to be protective of human health and the environment. Reviews include inspecting cleanup technologies; examining monitoring and operating data; reviewing maintenance records; and determining if any new regulatory requirements have been established since EPA’s original cleanup decision.

In addition to the technical work at the sites, EPA also provides the public with the opportunity to evaluate the preliminary findings of the review and provide input on potential follow up that may be required as part of the review.


Press Release, May 7, 2014