Van Oord Bags Port of Koper Dredging Contract (Slovenia)

Port of Koper Appoints Contractor for Basin I Dredging

Luka Koper and the Netherlands-based company Van Oord have concluded the contract on deepening the access channel and northern section of Basin I within the Port of Koper harbour area.

The contract in the amount of EUR 2.48 million anticipates the seabed dredging along the Container Terminal to 14 metres which will require the removal of 230,000 m3 of sea sediments (silt). The works are scheduled to begin on 15 July 2014 and are expected to complete in the second half of August.

Van Oord will work 24 hours a day using a technique which is faster and more efficient than the one used previously. In addition, the vessel does not require anchoring hence it doesn’t disturb the ships arriving to and leaving the port.

Upon signing the contract, Luka Koper’s Management Board President Dragomir Matic expressed his confidence that the works would be executed by plan because the selected Dutch company is one of the leaders in the industry.

He also made a comment on abandoning the P3 Network, i.e. the operational alliance between the world’s three largest carriers, as it was initially planned: “This news has no impact whatsoever on our plans because the seabed deepening is of vital importance for the arrival of container vessels that already come to North Adriatic and are forced – due to unsuitable depths in the Port of Koper – to stop in the neighbouring ports first.

This will not only provide larger cargo throughput in Koper but also allow carriers to reduce their costs and hence additionally motivate them to strengthen their business in this part of Europe,” pointed out Mr Matic.


Press Release, June 19, 2014