Dutch Urban Dredging Technologies Show Great Results in Bangladesh

Dutch Urban Dredging Technologies Show Great Results in Bangladesh

Dhaka WASA Drainage (O&M) Circle, has recently launched the Urban Dredging Demonstration Project (UDDP) as part of the Water Operators Partnership (WOP) between Dhaka WASA and Vitens Evides International (VEI).

The launch is part of a recently started 10 years dredging program by Dhaka WASA to clean all canals in the capital of Bangladesh. The canals, the primary drainage system of the city, cannot handle the huge volumes of rain water that is generate during the monsoon and every year large part of the city go under water.

Present at the ceremony were minister Shahjahan of Shipping, senior secretary Monzur Hossain of the Ministery of Local Government (MoLGRDC), Ambassador Gerben de Jong of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and managing director Taqsem A Khan of Dhaka WASA.

Urban dredging technology

Dhaka WASA started two demonstration projects using Dutch urban dredging technologies such as a floating bulldozer, push tugboat, excavator and pontoon.

To make use of the full potential of the Dutch technology and knowledge two different type of drains where chosen: the Kallyanpur canal and the Segunbagicha box culvert.


The UDDP project is strongly focused on improving the operations of Dhaka WASA to be able to continue cleaning other culverts and canals in Dhaka in the coming 10 years.

Financial support for the UDDP is provided by DWASA, VEI and the Embassy of the Netherlands in Bangladesh.


Press Release, June 23, 2014