Laguna Lake Plan Waits for Approval

Laguna Lake Plan Waits for Approval

The final draft of the Laguna Lake Natural Reserve Conservation Plan, created by Robert Hill, the Natural Resources Manager for San Luis Obispo, aimed to restore and manage the lake and its surroundings over the next 10 years will be put to a vote at San Luis Obispo City Council meeting next week.

The Laguna Lake Plan calls for a variety of actions including dredging of the lake and use of recycled water in order to increase capacity of the lake and manage surface water levels.

The plan proposes continuous dredging of the lake for twenty-two weeks annually over the next ten years. This should result in the removal of 150,400 cubic yards of silt and other material at the end of this ten-year period, which will lower the average depth of the central lake by about 1.5 feet, resulting an average depth of about 9 feet.

The overall cost of the project is estimated at $10 million.


Dredging Today Staff, July 10, 2014