Ukraine: IDRECO Hands Over ISD 600 Electric Dredger

IDRECO Hands Over ISD 600 Electric Dredger

IDRECO has delivered its first dredger to Ukraine, the IDRECO ISD 600 fully electric dredger.

The ISD 600 dredger is equipped with an in-board high performance IDRECO IDP 600 dredge pump with double curved vanes. The dredge pump is frequency driven by an electric motor with a power of 1500 kW. A 355 kw jet water pump with a capacity of 1000 m3 is placed inside the star board pontoon.

The pump feeds the jet nozzles on the DN700 jet suction head. The maximum suction depth of the dredger is 12 m below water level. The dredger feeds a booster station over a distance of 3.8 km with a mixture flow of 4200m³/h.


The dredger is operated by the IDRECO Dredger Control System, which guaranties maximum efficiency in dredging and maximum production with the least energy requirements. The system controls the pump and suction tube fully automatic based on mixture velocity, vacuum in the suction pipe, discharge pressure and mixture concentration measurement.

The dredger operates 24/7 and can be controlled and serviced by remote control.

All IDRECO dredgers are dismountable and can be transported in pieces with trucks by road.


Press Release, August 8, 2014