New Suez Canal: Army Invites Companies to Join Works

Army Invites Companies to Join Works

Head of the Egyptian Armed Forces Engineering Authority, Major General Kamel el-Wazeer, has invited contracting companies to join works at the Suez Canal Mega Project.

Any company that can dig 500 meters of land can file its application, el-Wazeer told reporters on Tuesday.

More than 40 companies specialized in drilling and digging works are involved in the project along two armed forces battalions, he said.

The project of digging a new canal would make Egypt an international commercial and industrial center, stated Suez Canal Authority Chairman Lt. General Mohab Mamesh.

This project will provide job opportunities for Egyptian youth and create new urban communities in the area to attract people to be relocated in Sinai and Canal region.


New Suez Canal Project Kicks Off


August 13, 2014