UK: Dredging on Rivers Parrett and Tone Progresses Well

Dredging on Rivers Parrett and Tone Progresses Well

According to the Environment Agency, the dredging program on the River Parrett near Moorland and the River Tone near Burrow Mumpon is moving ahead.

We continue to work on the River Parrett between Westonzoyland Pumping Station and Raymonds Farm and further upstream between Home Farm and Fenners Cottage along Riverside in Burrowbridge. On the opposite bank of the River Parrett we are working between Millbrook Farm and Coates Farm,” Environment Agency – Wessex announced.

“On the Tone we continue to dredge between Stanmoor Bridge and Brooks Farm with 2 excavators and waterbased floating plant. Altogether we have 7 gangs working. We have dredged a length of 3.5 km of river (7 km of total river bank length) on the Parrett and Tone. We have removed approximately 73,000m³ of silt and remain on program to complete work by the end of October.”

It is hoped that dredging will improve drainage and help avoid a repeat of last winter’s devastating floods.


August 15, 2014