DP World Invests in Trilogiport Development

DP World Invests in Trilogiport Development

Following previous investments in the Beverdonk Container Terminal at Grobbendonk, now DP World takes over all shares owned by Euroports in Trilogiport (Liège container terminal).

With this, the international terminal operator takes full responsibility for the development of Trilogiport. DP World thus confirms its confidence in Belgium as a logistics hub and base for the hinterland.

Trilogiport is the planned container terminal at Liège Port, which is yet to be developed: a project that is part of the Marshall Plan of the Walloon Government, a key objective of which is the development of Liège as a logistics hub.

Louis Bertrand, Director-General of the Liège Port Authority explained: “DP World supports our strategy to connect Antwerp and Rotterdam to Germany, the Netherlands and France via Liège.”

The project, set to be completed in 2015, is expected to create more than 1,000 associated jobs in the long term. The partners in the project are prominent players.

Joost Uwents, CEO WDP, said: “When global players such as DP World invest in something, it is always based on a well-thought-out strategic long-term decision, and this creates confidence. By investing in logistics parks with water access, we avoid the need for extra transportation and offer our clients the possibility to fully use the multi modal opportunities that exist in Liège.”

Hans-Jörg Simon, CEO for D.L. Trilogiport Deutschland GmbH, said: “We share the belief of DP World in the benefits of investing in the prime location of Trilogiport. The accessibility by truck, rail and barge is unique in the region. Our customers are looking for a reliable and high quality service and we are convinced that the experience DP World brings will deliver this.

For DP World, involvement in the project is a logical step in its expansion in the Benelux and a way of strengthening its presence on the Albert Canal. The Albert Canal is one of the most important traffic arteries for multimodal transport from and to the Port of Antwerp as well as an alternative to the increasing amount of traffic on the motorways.

On the Canal, DP World has been operating a terminal in Grobbendonk since the end of 2011: the Beverdonk Container Terminal. With the operation of two terminals, at the beginning and the end of the Canal, synergies can be achieved in terms of the optimisation of lighter transport and provision of appropriate solutions for customers.

Rob Harrison, CEO DP World Antwerp, said: “In this way, we can immediately bridge the gap from the Port of Antwerp to the Walloon region and subsequently, to the rest of Europe. There are also environmental benefits in using the Canal, taking lorries off the road and reducing carbon emissions.”

Press Release, August 25, 2014
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