Nicaragua Canal Project One Step Closer

Nicaragua Canal Project One Step Closer

HKND Group has announced the successful competition of the “Census of Persons, Families and Assets Attached to Land, Directly Benefited by the Construction of the Nicaragua Canal Project”.

The Census recognition ceremony was held October 16th in the auditorium of the Secretariat of the Presidency (SEPRES). The total land area covered by the survey was over 1,600 square kilometers, and more than 7,000 families were investigated.

It was a joint effort of more than 400 people of the Changjiang Institute of Survey, Planning, Design and Research Co., Ltd. (CISPDR), the Attorney General’s Office (PGR), the Directorate General of Revenue (DGI) and the Nicaraguan Institute of Territorial Studies (Ineter), among others.

Zhu Xiaoya, Assistant to CEO of HKND Group, said in his speech that in the last few months, researchers overcame many difficulties to accomplish a great job on this socioeconomic census. “The Census provides scientific data on the acquisition or leasing of land and relocation of the Integrated Canal Project, laying a solid foundation for the execution of the project,” said Zhu Xiaoya.

Mr. Laureano Ortega and Mr. Hernán Estrada, members of the Canal Commission fully recognized and appreciated the professionalism and dedication of the investigators when executing with seriousness the tasks of the census.

The Nicaragua Canal and Development Project Commission and HKND Group are grateful to the Chinese experts and those from the Government, and many others of each department and each district who actively supported this work. We thank the nation. We will make sure that the project benefits all Nicaraguans,” Ortega said .

Mr. Hernán Estrada, Attorney General, said in his speech that this is an historic mission and one of the most important tasks that Nicaraguan government has accomplished.

Every journey of a thousand miles begins with one step,” the construction of the Grand Canal of Nicaragua will be a major work with great challenges, a new landmark building in the history of mankind. “We will continue working closely with the Canal Commission, contractors and the Nicaraguan people to fulfill the historic mission in a down-to-earth manner,” said a representative of CISPDR.

The next step for HKND is to work closely with the Canal Commission on the basis of this census report, make proper arrangements for the start-up project of the Canal Project by the end of this year and ensure the orderly implementation of subsequent projects.

The integrated Nicaragua Grand Canal project, estimated at $50 billion, will include the following 6 sub projects: Canal (including locks), two Ports, a Free Trade Zone, Holiday Resorts, an International Airport and several roads. In addition, there will be construction of a power station, cement factory, steel factory and other related facilities to ensure the successful completion of the canal within 5 years.

Construction of the proposed 178-mile waterway is scheduled to begin in December.

Nicaragua Canal Project

Source: hknd