River Tone Dredging Completed

River Tone Dredging Completed

The Environment Agency has announced that dredging works on the River Tone, part of the Somerset Levels and Moors Flood Action Plan, have been completed.

So far approximately 128,000m³ of silt was removed from the site with 7.9km of the 8km dredge project completed.

Restoring the channel to the 1960s design will be finished by the end of this week but some of the equipment will be visible on the site until some small ‘snagging’ sections are fully completed.

The Environment Agency has returned to some previously dredged sites to check silt levels and remove some silt which has already been deposited. Floating plant will be used to remove any remaining ‘highspots’ that could be find.

Works continue to restore the height of two sections of River Parrett banks within the dredge zone. Land and Water Services will also employ their floating plant to install some rock erosion protection where required.

This Week’s Schedule:

  • Finishing dredging the river channels using the floating plant.
  • Completing various small snagging sites- including a small section adjacent to the King Alfred Pub on the River Parrett.
  • Starting bank reinstatement on the River Parrett at Walkeys Farm and Whitings Farm. This will be completed by Land and Water Services.
  • Demobilizing dredging kit and tidying where the works have been performed.

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Source: gov.uk