Pottawattamie Draft EA Available for Review

A draft environmental assessment for bankline repairs to levee units 624 and 624-627-611-614 along Mosquito Creek in Pottawattamie County, Iowa is currently available for public review.

The draft EA evaluates the environmental impacts of repairing erosion and sloughing damage to the bankline caused by high flows in June 2014.

Levee systems 624 and 624-627-611-614 are located in an urbanized area of Council Bluffs, in Pottawattamie County, Iowa. Constant high flows from Mosquito Creek in June 2014 caused erosion and sloughing on portions of the bankline, compromising the integrity of the levee system.

Repairs, including excavating sloughed material and re-establishing the bankline through the use of compacted cohesive fill and placing rock riprap, will be completed under the Corps’ PL 84-99 Emergency Levee Rehabilitation Program.

The goal is to restore the levee systems to pre-disaster conditions.

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