Pluit Reservoir Dredging Starts Next Month

Jakarta Provincial Government will start the second phase of Pluit Reservoir dredging during the next month.

Current Pluit Reservoir depth is about two meters, and will be increased to a depth of seven meters, reported Berita Jakarta.

The second phase of Pluit Reservoir dredging will be started in upcoming mid-December, and is predicted to finish in six months,” coordinator of Jakarta Reservoirs and Rivers Normalization, Heriyanto, said.

This dredging project will be undertaken by using 20 backhoes and 2 dredgers to spurt and suck up the mud, and it is expected that 500-1,000 cubic of mud to be dredged per day from the reservoir.

The Pluit Reservoir dredging project is expected to reduce the impact of flooding in the capital city.

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Dredging today Staff