Septentrio, MBT GmbH Ink Dealership Agreement


Septentrio Satellite Navigation has signed MBT GmbH as a new dealer for its GNSS marine receivers in Germany.

MBT GmbH, a joint venture between Meerestechnisches Büro Turla and the MacArtney Group based in Kiel, Germany, will provide sales and support for the Septentrio marine product line and the Altus APS-U GNSS receivers to customers in the marine and dredging sectors.

The APS-U powered by a Septentrio board is designed primarily for machine control and marine construction applications. It provides multi-frequency GNSS capability together with GNSS Heading, L-Band positioning and wireless communications within a rugged MIL-STD-810 housing for the broadest range of applications.

The APS-U has proven already to be a very successful product in both marine and dredging sectors for its robustness in difficult environments and its insensitivity for interference allowing for a safe integration and easy operations even placed next to radios and emitting antennae on vessels. The configuration of the APS-U is greatly facilitated by an intuitive and a user friendly web-based interface.

We expect the appointment of MBT GmbH to stimulate growth for Septentrio and Altus products in Germany for the marine sector,” said Koen Gutscoven, Head of Sales at Septentrio. “The company has a proven track record in sales and technical support for GNSS hydrographic surveying, positioning and dredging applications in this important region.”


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