MTI: Complete Solution Package for Reservoir Dredging

In September 2014 an IHC Beaver® 1200 dredger was commissioned in Wonogiri, Indonesia. Relevant industry parties attended the accompanying event, where MTI Dredging Consultants presented the solutions it has to offer for reservoir dredging.

The current condition of the Wonogiri Reservoir is concerning. A high level of sedimentation in the reservoir is decreasing its capacity, and has associated risks of a loss in power production and flooding. If nothing is done to resolve this problem within five years the dam will be useless.

The sedimentation level isn’t the only issue, however. Fertile soil is being rinsed away by the river in the upward flowing stream; meanwhile not enough sedimentation is being set in the downward flowing stream.

MTI Dredging Consultants (MTI DC) is looking into a full solution package for not only the sedimentation problem, but also the surrounding issues. MTI DC’s expertise focuses on dredging the reservoir – a solution to the sedimentation issue that has been proven to be much less expensive than building a new dam.

MTI DC provides expertise on how to dredge, which equipment to use, how to handle the sedimentation and the overall most cost-effective solution. It takes into account the various soil types, pollution, and the low and high water levels in the reservoir during the dry and wet seasons.

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