IADC: Webinar on Panama Canal Expansion

The International Association of Dredging Companies (IADC) is preparing a webinar about the Panama Canal Expansion Program, in which Karen Smits will explain how project participants deal with the cultural complexity in their everyday life.

Karen Smits, PhD, is author of the book Cross Culture Work: Practices of Collaboration in the Panama Canal Expansion Program.

As a Business Culture Consultant, she supports companies and employees in developing cross-cultural collaboration, organizational change and growth initiatives.


In the execution of a mega project, collaboration is inevitable. Requiring a combination of skills, knowledge and resources, projects often attract numerous participants each carrying their own cultural background.

Consequently, a great variety of cultural differences and similarities, as well as distinctive practices and differing values and interests for participation, emerge when firms and people come together in a project organization. This webinar offers insight into the ‘people’ side of project management.

The webinar will be available as of January 2015, on IADC’s YouTube channel.

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