VIDEO: Dredger ‘Augustus Gloop’ in Action

The Cotswold Canals Trust’s dredger ‘Augustus Gloop’ is now in action on the Thames & Severn Canal between Ham Mill Lock and Hope Mill.

The vintage German built machine has been part of the CCT maintenance fleet since it was purchased back in the 1970s.

It has undergone a number of refits and upgrades over the years. Most recently it has been fitted with new flotation tanks, a diesel fired cabin heater, renewed hydraulic pipes & pump and hydraulic legs.

The machine has certainly been living up to its onomatopoeic name. Its task is to remove some 15,000 cubic meters of very gloopy material from the canal channel.

Dredging Project Manager Robin Payne said: “When it was lowered into the channel by Ellis Cranes it simply sat on top what amounted to a large raft of vegetation. We had to dig our way down through that in order to get afloat.”

Robin added that he is nevertheless reassured by the depth of water to be found beneath the raft of vegetation.

Augustus Gloop



Dredging Today Staff