Waterking: Transporters for Russian Customer

Waterking, one of the market leaders in Western Europe in the production of amphibious excavators and accessories, has developed a new amphibious machine, the Transporter.

The Transporter is designed for transporting people and equipment through wetlands, deltas and poor load-bearing terrains. The undercarriage of the amphibious excavator is used for the Transporter. The models vary from 8 to 38 tonnes. The cabin of the machine is equipped with air conditioning and heating. All machines are equipped with a GPS track and trace system.

The upper structure and the under carriage can be separated for transportation. The platforms of the upper structure can be folded which reduces the width to 2,80 m for easy transportation. The machine can be easily disassembled for transport and the reassembling takes only one hour.

Three transporters have been manufactured for a Russsian company specialised in seismic research for gas and oil companies. The seismic surveys are used to build up an image/ profil of the rock formations beneath the earth surface, to locate oil and gas fields. They were delivered last year and they are currently used to execute surveys and to collect soil/ rock samples with drilling equipment mainly in wetland areas.

The machines are currently in use for 24 hours a day. The first delivered machine has already worked for more than 1,500 hours.

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