New Grants to Improve WA’s Coastline

Coastal managers can now apply for State Government funds to help protect Western Australia’s 12,000 km coastline.

Calling for submissions in the latest round of Coastal Adaptation and Protection grants, Transport Minister Dean Nalder said $1 million was again available to coastal managers in 2015-16.

“Our coastline is one of the State’s most valuable assets,” Nalder said.

This grants program helps coastal managers better understand and adapt to the challenges presented by the WA coastline they are responsible for.

“This is achieved through thorough investigation of local coastal hazards including erosion, accretion and inundation.

“With a better understanding of the risks posed by coastal hazards, local managers can make informed decisions leading to improved coastal management.

Coastal managers are invited to apply for grants up to 50 per cent of the total cost of a  project. Activities include monitoring, adaptation planning, asset management, adaptation and maintenance.

“The program builds partnerships with local managers to preserve and enhance coastal values and assets into the future for the benefit of the wider community,” Nalder said.

Last year, 16 local authorities shared $1,057,500.