NIOF Hosts Symposium on Suez Canal Development

The National Institute for Oceanography Sciences and Fisheries (NIOF) yesterday held a workshop, named “The Ecological Impact of the Suez Canal Development Project”.

The symposium discussed the issues of movement of migrant species between the Red Sea and the Mediterranean through the Suez Canal and the possible ecological impact that would result from the development of the waterway.

The main goal of the seminar was to explore the best means and ways in dealing with the possible ecological impact that would result from expanding the water course of the canal and outlining an integrated ecological plan for environmental monitoring programs in the Suez Canal.

This symposium was attended by several major Egyptian scientists from universities and research centers.

The researchers offered studies and presentations about the effect of the Suez Canal development project on the movement of organisms, such as fish, from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean and presented scientific answers to articles that were published addressing this issue.