Photo Update: IHC Beaver Leaves VAHALI Zasavica

Beaver Leaves VAHALI
BN 2833 departing VAHALI Zasavica shipyard for Sliedrecht, NL.

VAHALI Zasavica shipyard (Serbia) recently launched pontoons for the Royal IHC Beaver B 65 dredger model. The Beaver, being equipped with state-of-the-art technology, is a reliable and fuel-efficient dredger that has low maintenance costs and high productivity levels at all dredging depths.

Bearing the yard number BN 2833, the Beaver left Vahali Shipyard on Saturday, February 28th. The transport of the equipment, organized by river pusher, started in river Sava, then Danube and all its way till Sliedrecht, the Netherlands.

Beaver BN 2833 departing VAHALI Zasavica

Production of those pontoons, weighing at 85 tones each and with the dimensions of 43.50m x 4.67m x 2.97m, began in November 2014.

Besides this model, VAHALI Zasavica is also producing pontoons for B50, B45 and B40 Beaver models. The steel used for the production is imported from Macedonia and profiles from the Netherlands.

The Zasavica shipyard was founded in 2013. The yard is located 70 km from Belgrade and sits on the river Sava. According to VAHALI, the Zasavica shipyard is on its way to become one of the largest and most important shipyards in this region. It is fully operational since mid June 2014.

BN 2833

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